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Mr.Vibem Art

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Pustovit LLC is an official agent for the young contemporary artist – Mr.Vibem.
MR VIBEM – “Aleksandra Pustovit”


Instagram: mr.vibem

(Oil on canvas, pencil, acrylic, graffiti, digital/illustration, tattoo, drawing on material)

Joy and happiness run into his veins. Mr. Vibem is full of positive energy and curious about everything. But Mr. Vibem has a real soul of an artist and he doesn’t observe the world as we do. His mind is attracted by remarkable events, emotions or nature and he paints what he feels. His feelings are transposed into a fantasy world where reality explodes into each detail in vibrant colors or a play of light and shade. Without attending any art class, Mr. Vibem has a real innate impressive technique, and his talent arises in each of his artwork. Inspired by Salvatore Dali, his draftsmanship is precise and reveals striking and bizarre images to open an ocean of thoughts.

His paintings drive into various emotions. Look at this kid living in a world at war. You can immediately feel his fear in each detail of his face and his gesture, while thinking he is such a beautiful child. The play of light reveals all the dramaturgy of his life. His gaze is gripping with truth and tells his story. The reality of a kid growing up in a terrific world and you want to take in your arms.

Young artist only at the age of 20 was presented on World Art Exhibitions, Biennales, World Mass media and sold on auctions for the price starts with 7000 $. You have unique chance to get artist’s prints – oil on canvas masterpieces for the reasonable price, as well as NFT.

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